About us

SaaS Store is designed as a modern marketplace for starting, growing and managing digital businesses. It has wide coverage of solutions for various business areas: e-commerce, software development, customer support, CMS, ERP, CRM etc.

Our vision is divided through 3 main characteristics which are covered by our store:

  1. The first and obvious differentiating characteristic is the delivery method through SaaS concept . Users are able to select one or more of our services and adapt them fully according to their needs
  2. Second differentiating characteristic is the types of services which we provide. SaaS Store promotes a variety of web based applications, mostly intended to be used by companies or startups to manage their current and future businesses. SaaS Store is the fastest way for both technical and non technical companies to leverage digital evolution in running their businesses
  3. Third characteristic is that we offer open source software as a best alternative to (often) more expensive commercial SaaS solutions. Why paying for a service when you can explore services during free trial period and see if that is what your company really needs

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